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"For where two or three gather in my name,
there am I with them"

Matthew 18:20





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Join our new online home group for this series written by Bishop Tom Wright.


There is a course book which we are recommending is individually ordered to avoid unnecessary handling or journeys. It is £4.97 from Eden follow the link below.

If you want to join but are unfamiliar with zoom it is really easy and we can talk you through it in advance just give Trevor a call on 01285 770550. 

Following on from our Bible Society series on how to read and understand the bible better the group wanted to look at St Paul’s letter to the Romans and we are following an introductory series on Romans in our Sunday morning livestream services too so it will all fit together as a great opportunity to encourage our faith.

The blurb says:

  • For small group and individual study
  • Made to be engaging, Tom Wright offers questions to get you talking
  • You'll find an accessible way to explore the book of Romans

A series of short, question-based study guides based around the New Testament For Everyone series.

The series is intended to encourage church (and other) groups to study the Bible using the For Everyone model. Experienced Bible study writers have selected excerpts and written questions that guide users through the thought of Tom Wright on each passage. These have been reviewed, edited and approved by Tom Wright.

Creation is in anguish. Paul's letter to the Romans, as well as the merest glance at our world, shows this clearly. The Church shares in the suffering, groaning in the tension between the 'already' of possessing the fruit of the Spirit and the 'not yet' of our present existence. Paul, however, also makes it abundantly clear that God doesn't stand apart from the pain. Rather, he entered it through Jesus and dwells in the middle of it in the Spirit.

These studies present the whole picture of a suffering, sinful world and God's deep love, still working today to reconcile that world to himself. 



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