February 28th 2021


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Sunday 28th February 2021                                         Lent 2

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Leader:                  We come from scattered lives to meet with God.

                             Let us recognise his presence with us.

                             A moment of quiet as we each call on God’s presence where we are

                             As God’s people we have gathered:

All:                       Let us worship him together.



Leader:                  Everything that happens on earth

                             Happens at the time God chooses.


All:                       God sets the time for birth and the time for death,

                             The time for sorrow and the time for joy,


                             The time for tearing and the time for mending,

                             The time for scattering and the time for gathering,


                             The time for seeking and the time for losing,

                             The time for silence and the time for speaking.


Leader:                 Everything that happens on earth

All:                       Happens at the time God chooses.

from Eccles 3:1-8


Lent Prayer:          Now is the healing time decreed

                             For sins of heart and word and deed,

                             When we in humble fear record

                             The wrong that we have done the Lord.

(latin pre 12th Century)


Leader:                  The peace of the Lord be always with you

All:                       And also with you.






Leader:      A welcome to our You Tube service and notices


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Jean Milbank’s funeral service will be at All Saints Church Kemble on March 11th at 1:00pm (please remember that a maximum of 30 people may gather in one place).


TONIGHT - 28th February 6:00pm informal service on Zoom to pray and worship together  link on Thameshead Benefice website (similar to Source).

Zoom Children’s Church is at 9:30am via a private link please speak to Rev Trevor Kemp for how to join or see our website.

Reopening of churches for services – details are on the website and will be updated (the usual calendar has been removed)

Online services will continue

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Thur 7:30pm – Everyone Welcome. just join via our website link or speak to Rev Trev until Lent we will be looking at Everyday Faith.

Zoom coffee mornings weekdays 10:30 (link on Virtual Church Hall tab)

Zoom Night Prayer (compline) 9:00PM Mon-Fri – via website.

Zoom Prayer Meeting Tuesday 8:30 – 9:00am  starting Tuesday 9th February 2021


ZOOM LENT GROUPS- we are planning Lent Groups to start on the week of February 15th 2021 using ‘HOLY HABITS-Following Jesus’ a seven part reflection by Andrew Roberts for the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF). If you would like to be part of a group to run during the day or evening please contact Rev Trev or Liz Collins and let us know when you can meet and we will try to find a group to suit your needs.





A time for reflection and confession:


Leader:        Jesus saw the city and wept over it,

                   Because it did not recognise the time of God’s coming.

                   We confess our part in the self-centredness,

                   Blindness and sin of the life of our community.             

c f Luke19:41


Leader:        Before you, Jesus Christ,

                   We admit how and where

                   We have underestimated your influence,

                   Letting our words or silences hurt,

                   Abusing trust, betraying confidences.


                   Lord, have mercy;

All:             Christ, have mercy.


Leader:        We admit how and where

                   We have made a show of our religion,

                   Attracting more attention to us,

                   And less to you.


                   Lord, have mercy;

All:             Christ, have mercy.


Leader:        We admit to where in our lives a vague interest

                   Has become a dangerous passion,

                   And we are not sure what to do

                   Or whether we are still in control.


                   Lord, have mercy;

All:             Christ, have mercy.


Leader:        Lord Jesus Christ,

                   If we have looked for or longed for an easier gospel,

                   A lighter cross,

                   A less demanding saviour,

All:             Then turn our eyes and avert our longing

                   From what we want to choose

                   To the one who has chosen us.


                   Forgive our unfaithfulness,

                   And, for our better living,

                   Give us not the remedy we desire tomorrow,

                   But the grace you offer today.


All:              We ask this for your loves sake. Amen.




Collect Prayer:


                   Heavenly Father,

                   Your son battled with the powers of darkness,

                   And grew closer to you in the desert:

                   Help us to use these days to grow in wisdom and prayer

                   That we may witness to your saving love

                   In Jesus Christ our Lord





Reading :            

Leviticus 25: 8-12         © The Voice

You are to count off seven Sabbath years (that’s seven times seven years), which gives you 49 years. After the 49th year is over, sound a ram’s horn across the land in the 50th year on the tenth day of the seventh month. Sound the ram’s horn throughout the land on the Day of Atonement. 10 When the 50th year arrives, sanctify it and declare liberty throughout the land for all who live there—dramatic, radical liberty for all. It is to be your jubilee year. Each of you is allowed to go back to the land that belonged to your ancestors; and each of you may return to your own family. 11-12 The 50th year is to be your jubilee year.      




The Servant is coming


Leader:        The servant is coming whom God upholds,

                   The chosen one in whom God delights.

All:             On him God’s Spirit firmly rests,

                   By him God’s justice will be done.


Leader:        He will not shout or raise his voice,

All:             He will not falter or be crushed.


Leader:        In him God’s holy arm is bared,

All:             Through him God’s sure salvation comes.


Leader:        Then let the watchers shout for joy

                   And let the wasted places sing:

All:             Now is the time for deliverance!

                   Now earth’s redeemer has come!




Reading:    Luke 4: 14-22                 © The Voice

14 Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Holy Spirit, and soon people across the region had heard news of Him. 15 He would regularly go into their synagogues and teach. His teaching earned Him the respect and admiration of everyone who heard Him.

16 He eventually came to His hometown, Nazareth, and did there what He had done elsewhere in Galilee—entered the synagogue and stood up to read from the Hebrew Scriptures.

17 The synagogue attendant gave Him the scroll of the prophet Isaiah, and Jesus unrolled it to the place where Isaiah had written these words:

18 The Spirit of the Lord the Eternal One is on Me.
Why? Because the Eternal designated Me
    to be His representative to the poor, to preach good news to them.

He sent Me to tell those who are held captive that they can now be set free,
    and to tell the blind that they can now see.
He sent Me to liberate those held down by oppression.
19 In short, the Spirit is upon Me to proclaim that now is the time;
    this is the jubilee season of the Eternal One’s grace.

20 Jesus rolled up the scroll and returned it to the synagogue attendant. Then He sat down, as a teacher would do, and all in the synagogue focused their attention on Jesus, waiting for Him to speak21 He told them that these words from the Hebrew Scriptures were being fulfilled then and there, in their hearing.

22 At first everyone was deeply impressed with the gracious words that poured from Jesus’ lips. Everyone spoke well of Him and was amazed that He could say these things.

Everyone: Wait. This is only the son of Joseph, right?



Gospel Acclamation

                   Praise to you, O Christ, king of eternal glory.

                   Your worship is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

                   Praise to you, O Christ, king of eternal glory.



Reflection from the Rectory



Affirmation of faith


Leader:        We proclaim the church’s faith in Jesus Christ.

All:             We believe and declare that our lord Jesus Christ,

                   The son of God, is both divine and human.


                   God, of the being of the Father,

                   The only son from before time began;

                   Human from the being of his mother, born in the world;

All:             fully God and fully human;

                   Human in both mind and body.


                   As God he is equal to the Father,

                   As human he is less than the Father.

All:             Although he is both divine and human

                   He is not two beings but one Christ.


                   One, not by turning God into flesh,

                   But by taking humanity into God;

All:             Truly one, not by mixing humanity with Godhead,

                   But by being one person.


                   For as mind and body form one human being

                   So the one Christ is both divine and human.

All:             The Word became flesh and lived among us;

                   We have seen his glory,

                   The glory of the only Son from the Father,

                   Full of grace and truth

                   Amen.                                                       from the Athanasian creed


Now let us pray together



Time to Pray      (led by Tony & Pat Ferris)




We say the Lord’s Prayer together

                   Our Father in heaven,

                   Hallowed be your name,

                   Your kingdom come,

                   Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,

                   Give us today our daily bread,

                   Forgive us our sins,

                   As we forgive those who sin against us,

                   Save us in the time of trial

                   And deliver us from evil,

                   For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours,

                   Now and forever. Amen.





Leader:        This is love, not that we loved God,

All:             but that he loved us and sent his son.


                   He is the sacrifice for our sins,

All:             that we might live through him.


                   If God loves us so much

All:             We ought to love one another.


                   If we love one another,

All:             God lives in us.

cf 1 John 4: 12


Aaronic Blessing:


                   The Lord bless you and keep you;

                   The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;

                   The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. Amen.



All:    We go into the world to walk in God’s light,

          To rejoice in God’s love and to reflect God’s glory. Amen.

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