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"Just as a body, though one, has many parts,
but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.
For we were all baptised by one Spirit
so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles,
slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink
Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many." 

1 Corinthians 12-13



Welcome to the new Thameshead Benefice website!

We hope you are finding your way around, exploring everything that the Benefice is involved with and that you will find the website a really useful resource.

Inevitably there will be some problems especially in the early days but we can't iron them out unless we know about them so do get in touch if you find something such as a link that is no longer working or if a piece of information is out of date.

You can contact us at

We will update the website each Monday. (Bank Holidays excepted.)

To get help with the website scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on the word
 'Help' after 'This church website is powered by Church Edit'.

Website FAQs

Q: Why would I want to become a member of the website?

A: You don't have to become a member of the website to benefit from all the information on the public pages but there is a whole area which allows church members to interact with one another using forums, sharing profiles and emails. You can set up rotas for your groups making communications easier, download your Small Group notes or read the minutes of your meetings.  To make full use of the site as a church member you should register and then 'login' each time you use the site.


Q: What is a 'Widget'?

A: A 'Widget' is an interactive tile which you will find on the home and member pages. Clicking on the widget will take you to a link or new page. Those big green squares on the Home page are the widgets!


Q: How do I register as a member?

A: To register as a member you need to be a member of one of the Thameshead Benefice churches.
Clicking on the word Register in the top right hand corner just under the top menu bar will open a form with a series of questions. When you have completed the form and sent it to us we will decide if your registration can be accepted.
If you are accepted as a member you will be emailed a Login which will allow you to access the members area.


Q: Why can't I see the Public Home Page anymore?

A: If you don't log out when you leave the website you will go straight to the Members Home Page when you return to the site for a new session. To see the Public Home Page log out at the top right hand corner under the top menu bar.


Q: I registered but I haven't had a reply.

A: The website is run by volunteers, so the Member applications will not be checked everyday, but they will be checked weekly on a Monday.
Sometimes the email sent to you in reply may be filtered into your 'Spam' or 'Junk' folder. Check the folder to be sure the email is not there. If you can not find it click 'Login' and then 'Forgotten Password' You will need to enter your Username and then the password email will be resent to you.

Q: I've forgotten my password what do I do?

A: Click 'Login' at the top right hand corner of the page just under the menu bar and then 'Forgotten Password' You will need to enter your Username or email address and then the password email will be resent to you.


Q: How do I post an article to the Website?

A: If you have an item that you wish to put on the website we need to receive it in the correct format:
Minutes and similar documents should be sent as a PDF. file. Members of the website with permission to view these will be able to click on a link to open the document.

A poster or similar document where there may be pictures or logos etc. should be sent as a jpeg. file. This can then be scanned as it is and posted into the page.

A written article can simply be sent as a Word document which we will copy and past directly into the page.

Please send articles in the following font and size:  VERDANA 11pt.

Sorry but we can not accept handwritten articles or an email or note asking us to "put in something about..."
The article must be written in full although we do reserve the right to edit the content where necessary to maintain a common style across the Website.


Q: When is the deadline for articles for the website?

A: All articles must be received by Midnight on Sunday to be uploaded on the Monday.


Q: Can I put a photo on the website?

A: We would love to have photographs from you of church events and activities. Please bear in mind that we do have to be careful with photographs as a matter of safe guarding particularly with regard to children and vunerable adults. We adhere to the PSALMS policy regarding the use of photos of children at our services and events. For this reason some of our photographs appear only in the Members section and no photo will include names of children in the description alongside the photograph.

Q: Can I copy photos from the Benefice Website for my own use?

A: Many of the photos on the Website are used under licence from Fotolia. If you wish to use these images you will need to register with them and purchase them yourself. Other photos have either been taken by ourselves or used with permission. Please contact us if you wish to use them.

Q: Can I use the logos or cartoons from  the site?

A: The Messy Church and Open the Book logos and the Cartoon Church cartoons are all used by permission which you would have to seek for yourself if you wish to use them.
The Thameshead Benefice logo has been designed by us for our use and should be used only on items being produced on behalf of the individual churches and the Benefice. We would like this logo to appear on all our materials. Please contact us if you would like to receive a file of the logo in various formats.

Q: How do I manage pages on the website?

A: Only those who have been given permissions can manage pages on the website.
If you are the leader of a group for example you may be given access to manage your group rotas or post the minutes of your meetings, although they will be checked by an administrator before they appear on the website.

Q: Why are there events on the Calendar that are not church events?

A: The Benefice has 6 parishes, 9 churches and 12 villages or hamlets, so there is always something going on! Including other events on the calendar helps us to plan and try and avoid overlap of events wherever possible so that rather than compete we can support one another.


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